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  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Taxonomy consulting
  • Price Comparison
  • ROI on Advertisement spend
  • Bulk Listing
  • Automated Health Check
  • Work Bench to Enrich Data
  • Deliver to various marketplaces
  • Multichannel Order Management
  • Inventory Sync
  • Intelligent Pricing
  • Sales & Revenue Tracker
  • Sponsored Ad Management
  • Win the Buy Box
  • Buyer/Seller communication
  • Account Reinstatement


Simplified.Faster.More automated than ever.The next generation ecommerce solutions custom-made to your needs.

For more than 12 years, Mobius has been a leader in offering a gamut of services for ecommerce industry in the US and across the globe.Our clients range from the likes of Amazon,eBay,number of start-ups and SME marketplace sellers.Selling on marketplaces doesn't have to be hard.With dedicated account managers and 24/7 offshore team, we have the expertise and capabilities necessary to streamline every detail of your day to day operations to make your business more profitable.


Catalogue and product on-boarding

Productiwise is an end-to-end solution that helps you maximize marketplace sales through managing your catalog content. It is a product workflow platform where your catalog content can be checked real-time for compliance & optimization, enrich the content to fill in the gaps & onboard seamlessly into multiple marketplaces.

Bulk Listing

Bulk convert product feeds to Amazon or other marketplace catalog.

Health Check

Real time check of your product data compliance to changing marketplace category guidelines .Easy view & management of product feed status.

Content Enrichment

Use our semi-automated content enrichment workbench to optimize your product data. Easy to use workflow helps you manage product title, descriptions, attributes & images.

Do-it-Yourself or Outsource

Validate your content and decide on D-I-Y or push to different in-house teams or Outsource to manage product data in bulk.


Multichannel order management & repricing

SellerGro is a SaaS based platform for ecommerce sellers,to manage their sales effectively across multiple marketplaces.The unique thing about SellerGro is that we provide competitive intelligence on your price and products.We make recommendations on what prices to sell at and what products to sell(or get rid-off).Basically we help increase a retailer's online sales and profits.A complete integrated multi channel management tool.

Order Manager

Order Manager pulls in orders automatically from all online stores in one place,where you can bulk print,ship and track orders.

Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager updates stocks on all stores automatically when you sell on any one.

Pricing Intelligence

Pricing Intelligence to track,compare and analyze competition with recommendations for optimizing your pricing,improves sales rank,winning the buy-box,pricing smartly based on real-time competitve information.


Get, set & go on Amazon

Total-kart is your go to partner in Amazon. With more than a decade of working directly with Amazon, we understand what it takes to be successful in the world's biggest marketplace. Hands on experience working with sellers across Americas; Europe and Asia Pacific gives us the depth to customize each requirement. We are an Amazon trained & qualified service provider.

Amazon services include account setup; product listings; A+ content; brand page setup; performance metrics management; sponsored ads setup & optimization; order & inventory management (FBA & seller fulfilled); feedback management; buy-box strategies; promotions; pricing intelligence; competitor analysis; account / product reinstatement and consulting.


Product Attribute development

This process is also called as Schema development. Here Data experts having the core knowledge of the products respective to their Industry develop the attribute sets for each product which is complete, valid, consistent and unique.

Attribute Extraction

Attributes are captured from different sources.

Web Research

Capture product information from manufacturer / vendor websites or catalogues.Part number validation is also involved in this process.

Hard / Soft Copy

Capture product information from the hard or soft copy catalogues,pdf's and other documents.

Manual Sourcing

Contact manufacturer / vendor to get the product information or high resolution images.

Quality Check

Quality Check is done to reconfirm the accuracy of data in all stages and at the end of the process by data experts.

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